Five Things To Try When Avoiding Work

Look, we’ve all been there. There’s a big project you’ve got to finish; or there’s a report you need to draft; or maybe it’s just Wednesday evening and your boss is reminding you that you haven’t written an article for the website today. Whatever the problem, whatever work you’re avoiding, we’ve got your back. So…Read more

Five Ways To Survive A Heatwave

The temperature is rising, barometer’s getting low. According to our sources, this means you’re in for a horrible, sticky day of high humidity and a desperate need to spontaneously grow gills just to continue breathing. It’s a British summer and it’s awful, so here are some much-needed tips on what you can do to survive…Read more

Five Times British TV Went Sexy

British television began in 1929 with content that was decidedly not X-rated and, save for a brief break thanks to World War Two, it has not stopped since. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been occasional dalliances with less savoury content, of course. After all, man cannot live on bread alone. So let’s take a look…Read more

King Con 2015 – Durham, England

Zoë and Jenny will be at King Con in Durham, North-East England on Sunday 15 October. The new All Over the House and Nob Mouse collections will be on sale, as will Jennifer’s phenomenal Stars novels (Bringing Home The Stars and Twinkle Little Star). We will both be signing books and Zoë will be doing sketches. If…Read more