Site Update

You may have noticed that the site went offline for a couple of weeks. This was due to an update to WordPress that was incompatible with the plugin we’ve been using to provide easy navigation for All Over the House comics since we first launched the site, back in 2009. Apparently the plugin hasn’t been updated in over 1000 days and since it was working just fine until now, we didn’t notice!

We’ve now got a new plugin and it’s working pretty well with the new theme we’ve chosen for the site, so that’s great. Unfortunately the new plugin can’t port over all the old comics, so we’re having to do that by hand. There are thousands of these comics, so it’s taking a bit of time.

We’ll be back to full strength soon and then new episodes of All Over the House will start showing up again, which will be nice. Until then, please bear with us. We’ll be done as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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