All over the house is home to a variety of weird and wonderful creatures. Some are human, some are not and some are only hanging on to the label by a technicality. Each of them has a special place in the story. We’ve rounded up some descriptions of the main players here, for your reading pleasure.

Emily Westwood

Emily Moll Dee Westwood, MA (Oxon), MP. A member of Parliament since May 2010, following the 2009 expenses scandal. A former journalist by day and something of a mad scientist by night. She is the comic’s straight guy and spends much of her time despairing at the state of humanity; or cleaning up after Tesrin.

Comics: 1080
Recent Appearance: Force Feedback
First Appearance: Interactive telephones

Tesrin Stepford-Brown

Tesrin Eloise Rhododendron Stepford-Brown, LLB (Dunelm). A (surprisingly) successful barrister who practices demonology on the side. She acts as something of an Upper Class Twit crossed with a Cloud CuckooLander; which is the result of her privileged upbringing. She is often found summoning her demonic former housemates to get back the rent they owe her.

Comics: 1026
Recent Appearance: Force Feedback
First Appearance: Coming in 2009

James Jameson

James Rohan Jameson. A former systems administrator to a moderately-sized accountancy firm, he found himself laid off as a result of the recession. Now he works from home as a freelance IT consultant and professional blogger. He shares a house with Gary Seville.

Comics: 122
Recent Appearance: Half Mast
First Appearance: Showing talent

Mr Drope

Having spent over thirty years in the British civil service, Mr Drope has risen to the rank of Permanent Secretary for the Department of General Administration and Procedure. He now spends his days desperately trying to not have to do any work.

Comics: 89
Recent Appearance: Pungent Porcine Principle
First Appearance: New Broom, part 3

Daniel Snottleby

Daniel Snottleby is a former MP who lost his seat in Parliament to Emily Westwood during the 2010 elections. He fought a terrible campaign mostly due to his own incompetence and a complete lack of understanding of how the modern world works. Now he has determined that Emily is his nemesis and he’s determined to win back his job.

Comics: 78
Recent Appearance: Standards Committee, part 2
First Appearance: Anything they can do...

Gary Seville

A struggling artist trying desperately to make it big in a cruel world, Gary Seville slaves away at his drawing board, day after day and night after night. He creates works of pure artistic merit, but can’t get the low-brow public to see the true beauty of it. He also spends far too much time on the background details of his webcomic, only to cover most of it up with speech bubbles full of emphatic prose.

Comics: 45
Recent Appearance: Separating Art from Artist
First Appearance: The three stages of Internet withdrawal

Penny Menace

Comics: 39
Recent Appearance: COVID Body Ready
First Appearance: Anything they can do...

Mr Smoot

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: We need ideas
First Appearance: New Broom, part 1

Uncle Bob

His name is lost to the mists of time; as names have power. His features are so hideous they would turn the minds of anyone who saw him, sending them into a nightmare of insanity unless they prepare themselves first. To Emily and Tesrin, he is known simply as “Uncle Bob”.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Foot lotion
First Appearance: Uncle Bob

Dave The Rozzer

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Tea2Go
First Appearance: Seeing what's not there

Adam Prometheus Frankenstein

Created from only the finest parts scavenged from graveyards, Adam Frankenstein is the creature Mary Shelly based her tragic story on. After spending decades out in the wastes of the Arctic, he made his way to suburban England and tried to settle into modern life. It has been quite a struggle for him.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Ambiguity kills
First Appearance: Can't live

Aspidestra Stepford-Brown

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Notified too late
First Appearance: Parental Relations

Geoffrey Tiddlewich

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: End of Round One
First Appearance: Should have planned ahead

Future Tesrin

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: A firm-footed firmware problem
First Appearance: When we get old

Sally Jameson

James’ younger cousin Sally is a typical fourteen year old girl with a pet bear. Although most fourteen year olds don’t have a bear as a pet, Sally was lumbered with this one because James asked the notorious den of villainy that is 4chan what a good birthday present for a young girl would be.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Minty fresh
First Appearance: Bad advice

Tiddles The Cow

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Delivery for a Mr Doctor
First Appearance: Magic cow

Future Emily

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: A firm-footed firmware problem
First Appearance: When we get old

Uncle Walt

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: The very short list
First Appearance: Familiar faces

The Gorms

The strange, multi-coloured creatures that live in a “shed” in Emily and Tesrin’s back garden. Nobody is quite sure what these things are or where they came from but everyone suspects Tesrin had something to do with it and she’s not confirming one way or the other.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Bad pun payback
First Appearance: Gormless

Ron McDougal

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Token healthy
First Appearance: Core principles

Scurrilous Miles

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: New line-up
First Appearance: Scurrilous Miles


Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Homeward Bound, part 1
First Appearance: New housemate

Sir Stanley Percival Stepford-Brown

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: He's on to them
First Appearance: Faulty phone

Future Guy

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: An urgent message
First Appearance: Greetings from the future

Harry Miller

Snottleby’s political advisor and long-term friend. He tries his best to keep Snottleby in the public eye for the right reasons, rather than the reasons Snottleby would get himself into the papers for given half a chance. Many would consider his career a massive exercise in ice skating uphill.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Parsnip lover
First Appearance: Snottleby's Comeback (mk. I)

The Purple Aliens

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: More than meets the eye
First Appearance: Mis-marketing

John Berlitz

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Working
First Appearance: The most important cases

Demon paperclip

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Unimportant update
First Appearance: The Porn Presentation Potential

Missionary Ted

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Absent minded missionaries
First Appearance: Heard the word

Secret Service Simon

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Time for change
First Appearance: Fire safety

President Biff Cannon

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Disaster averted
First Appearance: Cutting funding for your benefit

Young Tesrin

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Early programming
First Appearance: Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

Professor Doozemz

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Maybe I should go
First Appearance: Problematic acronyms

Palette Échange

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Similar wording

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Metareasoning

Lord Gart

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Late for the count


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Your heart's desire

Jim Thingummy

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Vote Jim Thingummy

Judge Flur

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: No precedent

Mr H.I.Po

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Justified criticism

Nisun Tastie

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Who Wants To Meet A Million Bears

Young Emily

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

Bellamy Loudboy

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Unbelievable things

The Speaker of the House of Commons

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Unbelievable things

Astropork the Space-Ham

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Space Ham

President Richmond

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Accidental Launch

Shaggy Joe

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Multiple houses