1300 Comics

It’s amazing to think that we’ve reached 1300 episodes of All Over the House. I still vividly remember jotting down episode ideas and layouts on a packed train the way to and from my job at Ofsted back in 2008. Back then, it was a struggle to find good ideas and even more of a struggle to find the time to sketch them out but Jennifer and I persevered; and the comic blossomed.

Tesrin has changed a bit over the years and my art has certainly improved…

The first fifty or so comics were planned out before I put stylus to graphic tablet for the first time in order to draw the comic. I had learned from the seat-of-my-pants planning “system” I used (and, to some extent, still use) on The Life of Nob T. Mouse and I wanted All Over the House to have a buffer of comics from the start. The idea was that we would keep a regular schedule regardless of whether I ran out of ideas for a while or had a glut of jokes we could use.

Sometimes we’ve run out of the buffer and that hasn’t been great but for the most part, we’ve managed to keep a regular schedule so you get to enjoy new comics every weekday.

At the time we were planning the new comic, I was desperate to find a way to leave my job because although the work was important, I just wasn’t at all suited to it. I was hoping All Over the House would be the thing that finally let me do it. Now, a decade later, we have three comic collections in print and a mega collection (this time in hardback and full colour) planned for the end of the year.

I couldn’t be more happy with how life turned out, thanks to this comic – and thanks to you for continuing to read it. Here’s to another 1300 comics to come! 🙂

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