The First Prime Ministers

For the background of today’s comic, I needed to draw the first three Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, from back in the reign of King George I. Those Prime Ministers are: Sir Robert Walpole (later Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, KG, KB, PC), Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington KG, KB, PC and Henry Pelham,…Read more

New designs

In the five years since Jennifer and I started All Over the House, I’ve tried to better my artwork at every stage. We have experimented with a variety of different styles, from monochrome characters and bare whitespace backgrounds; to no-outline backgrounds; to crosshatch shading; to standard shading; to no shading. It’s been a long and…Read more

Going behind the scenes

Jennifer and I often have quick “script meetings” to discuss the comic and decide how we will set out each episode. Sometimes we only do one comic per meeting, sometimes we plough through a load of strips in one session. We thought some readers might appreciate a chance to look behind the scenes, so I…Read more

A Fresh Start

Hello and welcome back to All Over the House. It’s a new site, a new look for the comic and a fresh start. As long-time readers may already know, All Over the House is published by All Mouse Media Ltd. A few years ago we started discussing the possibility to consolidating all the comics published…Read more