New designs

In the five years since Jennifer and I started All Over the House, I’ve tried to better my artwork at every stage. We have experimented with a variety of different styles, from monochrome characters and bare whitespace backgrounds; to no-outline backgrounds; to crosshatch shading; to standard shading; to no shading. It’s been a long and winding road.

Now we’ve taken a short break to decide what the next step is with the comic. During this break I’ve taken up the task of redesigning the characters. I’ve been unhappy with the look of the cast for a while now – they’ve become thin and angular, which goes against our ongoing plotline of Tesrin’s chocolate addiction. If she’s constantly craving chocolate and eating it at every opportunity, how is she still so thin she would snap in a stiff breeze? It doesn’t make sense.

When we come back from this quick break, you’ll see some more realistically-proportioned characters. I think this is an excellent next step in the art progression of the comic.

In the mean time, here’s an early draft of the new-look Emily. It’s by no means the final design we will use (and even the final design won’t be the final design – the art will continue to evolve over time) but it’s a good idea of the improvements I’ve already started making.

Early draft sketch of the new-look Emily

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