How To Write A Joke

Jokes are great, especially when you’re not the butt of them (and sometimes they’re great when you are. If you’re a weirdo masochist, we won’t judge you). If you’ve always wanted to be able to write a great joke, or even if you just don’t get this whole thing humans call “humour”, then you’ve come…Read more

Top Five Stupidest Newspaper Headlines

Newspapers operate on strict deadlines and there are a lot of pages to fill. These two pressures often combine to cause headline writers and journalists to have a brain fart that makes nonsense spill out onto their screens. That’s why it’s probably not nice of us to laugh at them for those occasions where silly…Read more

Five Things To Try When Avoiding Work

Look, we’ve all been there. There’s a big project you’ve got to finish; or there’s a report you need to draft; or maybe it’s just Wednesday evening and your boss is reminding you that you haven’t written an article for the website today. Whatever the problem, whatever work you’re avoiding, we’ve got your back. So…Read more