A Fresh Start

Hello and welcome back to All Over the House. It’s a new site, a new look for the comic and a fresh start. As long-time readers may already know, All Over the House is published by All Mouse Media Ltd. A few years ago we started discussing the possibility to consolidating all the comics published by AMM into one big site. We have now started that process.

The comic itself will not change and you will still be able to go to www.alloverthehouse.net to access the site. The only things that are changing are really behind-the-scenes things. The only cosmetic difference is that all the AMM comics will now have a similar look to their websites; which we honestly think will make navigation easier on each comic.

The process of migration is taking a bit of time so we’ll probably not get back to regular updates until tomorrow at the earliest. We’ll keep you informed as we go on.

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