Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Award-winning writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first web comic.

New designs

In the five years since Jennifer and I started All Over the House, I’ve tried to better my artwork at every stage. We have experimented with a variety of different styles, from monochrome characters and bare whitespace backgrounds; to no-outline backgrounds; to crosshatch shading; to standard shading; to no shading. It’s been a long and…Read more

Going behind the scenes

Jennifer and I often have quick “script meetings” to discuss the comic and decide how we will set out each episode. Sometimes we only do one comic per meeting, sometimes we plough through a load of strips in one session. We thought some readers might appreciate a chance to look behind the scenes, so I…Read more

A Fresh Start

Hello and welcome back to All Over the House. It’s a new site, a new look for the comic and a fresh start. As long-time readers may already know, All Over the House is published by All Mouse Media Ltd. A few years ago we started discussing the possibility to consolidating all the comics published…Read more